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Triple A Internetshops GmbH is one of the leading e-commerce companies in Europe that serves over 18,000,000 customers and employs more than 500 people worldwide. Our portfolio includes online shops like www.bilder.de, www.druckerzubeheoer.de, www.eis.de, as well as a multitude of other shops and activities. Triple A is committed to consistently striving for growth and disrupting industries across all sectors. We see this commitment as a fundamental component of our economic success. 

We are a global organization with six office locations worldwide. Our headquarters is located in Bielefeld (Germany) and we maintain offices in Tbilisi City (Georgia), Kyiv (Ukraine), Berlin (Germany), as well as New York and Los Angeles (USA).

Our global talent is the key to our success.  With AAA Global Talent Hub, we have established a global network of professionals who contribute to the company’s success every day. 
Our goal is to find the best talent available around the globe, and foster a positive, fulfilling work culture for that talent. In the last few years, our company has expanded and grown into a team of over 500 dedicated and dynamic professionals specializing in many different fields, and we continue to grow. 

We believe in the success of global teams and bringing together the world’s best talent. Despite geographic distance, we are connected in our daily work by focusing on our common goal – being the best at what we do. We are proud how our internationally diverse team, consisting of experts across all fields, contributes to this success. 


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